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Bloody but Funny: Have an Incredible Race with Happy Wheels, the Flash Game That Will Make Your Day
One of the best rated online flash racing games is, without doubt, Happy Wheels. If you need to kill some spare time with a game that does not solicit your brains too much and seeing some blood and serious damage is not a problem, this is just the right game.
The best part is that you do not have to download it, register or worry about malware. You just select your character and play, load various user-designed levels or even to create your own custom level.
The game is easy to understand and play. There are lots of characters to choose from, including a homeless guy in a wheelchair, a bank robber in a car, or Indiana Jones in a mine wagon. Each has its own vehicle, with its own driving particularities.
Controls in Happy Wheels are very simple: arrow keys for moving, plus a Spacebar, Shift and Ctrl for several special actions, like jumping. There is also the possibility of ejecting your character.
What is the purpose of the game? Well, it is a regular racing game. In most levels, you just need to reach the finish line. But, in order to do so, you have to surpass various wacky obstacles. Jump from one building to another, drive over office desks, get chased by a furious ostrich or escape a combine; you can expect everything. Each level has its own story: robbing a bank, exploring a temple, travelling to prehistory, nothing seems too imaginative for the producers.
The funny part is that the race can (hardly) continue even after your character loses some parts of its body or gets torn to pieces. Do not worry about violent images: you see blood and limbs and heads flying, but it is cartoonish, you cannot get enough of it.
Happy Wheels is the perfect game for those with an open mind and a slightly dark sense of humor.

happy wheels for school
Happy Wheels swf is a very popular online flash game that received lots of positive reviews on dedicated websites.
If you like going on a silly race, with the least prepared character and vehicle, bizarre obstacles and goals, but with a very realistic damage imaging, you have lots of spare time to kill and a bit of violence does not bother you, this game really suits you.
Created in 2010, this game was intended to fix one of the big flaws of flash racing games: unrealistic damage effects. While, in other games, taking a serious fall would simply make your character bounce, here, you may actually lose your limbs or even your head, while blood adequately pours.
Sounds too violent? Actually, Happy Wheels swf is incredibly funny. Graphics stay quite cartoony, so you will not be grossed out by the injuries you see, although they are realistic enough for you to see the serious consequences of your mistakes. You cannot help laughing at the ridiculous ways your racer is broken into pieces, while incredibly continuing the race.
There are many levels, with many different settings. You can be Indiana Jones in a lost temple, Santa Claus, a lawnmower man, a clerk on a Segway and many more. Any type of vehicle (Segway, moped, even mine wagonet) has its own gameplay mechanics, and the background and obstacles will amaze you. The keyboard controls are the simplest possible.
The game also comes with a level editor, allowing you to create your own custom level and giving you the possibility to play levels uploaded by others.
In order to win, you have to cross the finish line (not necessarily in one piece), but, depending on the level, there might be other additional goals.
As you will soon see for yourself, this is the best example of relaxing game to play during a work break, but imaginative enough not to let you get bored. With the level editor, you can be sure that you will always enjoy new challenges, Happy Wheels swf being just what racing flash game players love.

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